IMA conducts Workshop Collaborative Projects and Sustainable Multiplicity Coworking Space

During the month of August 2013 , the Institute of the Americas MARKET - IMA , held the 1st Workshop on Sustainable and Collaborative Projects to promote current concepts of the new collaborative economy . Creative solutions to solve the challenges of the big cities were the subject of discussions with case studies Public Policy and Sustainability Collaborative Platforms .

One goal of the workshop was to discuss ways to achieve business resources and perform artistic projects with Crowdfunding and other new paradigms of today's world , collaborative and connected . The workshop , to coworkers and partners IMA , held in Brasilia on 16, 17 and 18 August . The Workshop Practice Collaborative Projects and Sustainable conducted by IMA , with the support of Coworking Space Multiplicity and certainly sets a new milestone in the city's cultural scene . The second module of the course presented the theme " Meet the Coworking - How to develop your project or idea in a collaborative environment in practice " : a new kind of collaborative work that is very successful in the entrepreneurial scene of the great capitals of the world.

The development of the course and practical case

To ensure sustainability , organizations must seek a balance between incremental ideas , substantial , disruptive , ie a creative portfolio planned. Students learn to develop a creative portfolio and unique to each company , working in a detailed and customized to the reality of each project. After the phase of Ideation Ventures teams are created which are the teams of experts , in order to implement a new idea with high potential and that may conflict with the culture and processes of existing " parent " or core company . With the team formed the focus increases , it creates a new culture and uses the resources needed for a " spin off" of the parent company , ie , the validation of ideas and model building sustainable multidisciplinary teams , agile management concepts designs , " startups " and based on the work of prioritizing and implementing adaptation. Internal teams and working from the premise that it has little time to experiment . The process is so systematic , facilitating creativity, prototyping (original idea and business plan set by the " mother company " , setting the team by " parent " and generating new business model with action plan for integration into the core company ( or parent ) and the generation of a new business or spin off .

Participate in upcoming events and meet the Platform Multiplicity through Lectures and Workshops Collaborative Work to empower everyone to fundraise , plan and manage projects, and case studies of success in successful Brazilian experiences .


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