Industrial Development

Searches the evolution of Brazilian industries, implementing new technologies and encouraging exports of industrial products and services.

Therefore, investing in upgrading industrial capacity expansion in the country as a producer and exporter of manufactured goods is one of the targets of the studies MARKET Institute of the Americas (IMA) as well as the treatment of solid waste in urban centers.

The training of professionals for the rational and planned extraction of genuine products, involve knowledge of techniques specific to each sector. In the case of Amazon products: sustainability and management, in the case of oil: the training and education of new jobs.

The IMA brings together all the vectors required to access strategic markets across the planet, through:

• Study of Dynamic Behavior and Target Market;
• Development of a Strategic Planning Market Access;
• Development of a Tactical and Operational Plan;
• Capacity building and training of skilled labor;
• Activation and Expansion of a Relationship Network;
• Elaboration and implementation of a communication plan, identifying appropriate means and / or mechanisms creating tailor-made;
• Sizing and Formatting Structure Back-Office for Enforcement of Occupational Tasks;
• Attraction of investors and investments, directly or through trade missions and trade;
• Preparation of Road Shows directed.




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