In the development of its activities, the IMA will always seek the empowerment of the worker and entrepreneur, as well as the promotion of Brazilian products and services.

1. Search and guide in creating profitable new socio-productive models and alternative systems of production, trade, employment and credit;

2. Survey and market research, mapping the vocation of the five regions of the country;

3. Studies and promotion of products and services for international markets;

4. Dissemination of corporate culture for micro / small and medium enterprises, through courses, lectures, publications and classes; enabling profitability, generating employment and income;

5. Search and guide studies and research, development of alternative technologies, production and dissemination of information and technical and scientific knowledge pertaining to agribusiness;

6. Preparation of business plan to attract investors, investment funds and obtaining credit for financing institutions and development banks


Instituto Mercadológico das Américas
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