About Us

The IMA - Mercadologic Institute of the Americas is a OSCIP able to develop multi-sector studies and project execution with broad spectrum coverage, agribusiness foreign trade, the environment and promoting professional training.

Its innovative character arose from the need common to governments, and the private sector: the search for differentiated services and experience to develop projects for market access.

With strategic bases in Brazil and the United States, and a team of associated companies and market experts, IMA develops accurate diagnoses from specific needs.

The solutions are generated by combining knowledge, network of relationships and mastery of communication techniques, using the latest technological tools.

With this thought, IMA operates in the sectors:

- Trade and Industry: studies and promotion of Brazilian products and services, research and development of alternative technologies, organization and production technology training and the dissemination of information and technical and scientific knowledge.

- Work: Mapping opportunities, professional training projects and better conditions for Brazilian workers.

- Environment: studies and workable solutions and not polluting the balance between production and the environment, using renewable energy and recycling of solid waste.

- Education: studies and projects focused on the dissemination of knowledge and information.


Instituto Mercadológico das Américas
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