Management - Governance - Cooperatives

Agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture , with support from OCB - MS , for deployment in the cooperative state of Mato Grosso do Sul , methods and actions that strengthen the network integration and management capacity of the same . The study was conducted in partnership with Fundação Dom Cabral , using its own methodology with meetings in the city of Campo Grande applications and projects in place in the towns of Ashland , Chapadão South , New Andradina , São Gabriel do Oeste , Marazion and others.

The method employed , RDI - Network for Integrated Development , developed skills in management and governance in the context of the participants and their supply chains , for APL ( Local Productive Arrangements ) for cooperatives and associations , among others .

So , to enable such companies managerially and their supply chains , RDI assists in preparing to act individually and together , in the context of intense competition that characterizes increasingly globalized markets , favoring the formation of stronger alliances between the anchors and their chains productive . The project generated reciprocal value by establishing a process of strategic alignment and cooperation between business partners in order to achieve agreed objectives among the members of the partnership.

The main reasons for its networking are , among others

• Meet best customer , providing it with better products , services or solutions
• Access to a special group of customers
• Access skills of partnerss
• Enabling companies to focus on their core business , by transferring part of their activities to third parties
• Achieve economies of scale , scope, time to market , reduce costs, increase production efficiency
• Enable diversifications
• Accessing new markets
• Reduce development time of new products / services / solutions
• Limit the resources invested by the company / institution
• Develop and share new knowledge and technologies


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